• Van Eyck to Dürer

    Groeningemuseum, Bruges
    29/10/10 - 30/01/11
    The Cultural Service of the Polish Embassy is delighted to join forces with the exhibition Van Eyck à Dürer (Van Eyck to Dürer),
  • ‘TV Signal Manipulation Monument’ by Janek Simon

    Het Entrepot, Bruges (part of ‘This is not Brugge Centraal’)
    29/10/10 - 05/11/10
    It was Het Entrepot, a place open to the broadest spectrum of creative talents, that invited Janek Simon to fill one of the ten containers
  • ‘Les hommes peuvent pourrir’ (Let Men Rot), by Łódź Kaliska

    Atelier 340 Muzeum, Brussels
    22/10/10 - 30/01/11
     The Łódż Kaliska group, set up in Łódź in 1979, celebrated 30 years of existence in 2009. To mark their ‘300th
  • Luc Tuymans: A Vision Of Central Europe

    22/10/10 - 23/01/11
    The striking differences between Bruges and Warsaw form the point of departure for the exhibition Luc Tuymans: A Vision Of Central Europe. The
  • Art Brussels

    Brussels Expo - Halls 1 & 3
    23/04/10 - 26/04/10
    The lokal_30 gallery will soon be presenting a new generation of Polish artists. A sculpture by Anna Baumgart entitled ‘Hypothesis of the
  • Feel Home

    CC Strombeek
    09/04/10 - 10/05/10
    The Feel Home exhibition will explore the intersections where art meets design, those areas which can collide or merge, depending on the point of
  • Zorka Wollny, "Strange Stories"

    Z33, Hasselt
    06/04/10 - 17/04/10
    As part of the project Nepotists, opportunists, freaks, friends and strangers, intersecting in the grey zone taking place at the Hasselt Z33 Centre
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