Generation '89

The Brussels delegation The Brussels delegation
To be born in '89 or not to be born in '89...

That is the question, because it is also the main condition if you want to take part in the Generation ’89 project, which aims to find out what Europe means for young people today from across the continent and how they see their future. On 26 and 27 April, young men and women from Poland, Belgium, Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Hungary will come together in four European capitals, including Brussels, in order to share their experiences (given that they have all grown up under very different political set-ups) but also to lay the foundations of the ‘Generation ’89 Declaration’. The text, which will be the fruit of the work of 140 young people, will be read to European representatives in Brussels. This will be the first time that young European citizens will have spoken with one voice on a united continent.


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