Art Brussels

Brussels Expo - Halls 1 & 3
23/04/10 - 26/04/10
The lokal_30 gallery will soon be presenting a new generation of Polish artists. A sculpture by Anna Baumgart entitled ‘Hypothesis of the Stolen Image’ (‘Hypothèse de tableau dérobé’), inspired by a photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson, will form the axis around which the other works will gravitate. Karolina Zdunek and Małgorzata Szymankiewicz will unveil their very latest pictorial work and the young photographer Michał Grochowiak will exhibit snapshots from the ‘Respiration’ cycle.
As part of the outdoor exhibition competition ‘Art in the City’, which will take place in the Egmont park, Zuzanna Janin will present a sculpture entitled ‘Home’ (a homage to Robert Indiana). The prize awarded at the end of the competition is the opportunity to carry out a project in the city of Brussels. The lokal_30 gallery will be at stand 3B 09
The ŻAK | BRANICKA gallery will present the work of four artists: Michał Jankowski, Dominik Lejman, Kasia Fudakowski and Paweł Książek .
Michał Jankowski is seen as one of Poland’s most talented contemporary artists. His canvases draw heavily on the work of the Flemish masters, chiefly in terms of their morbidity, ambiguity and incredible sensuality. They are highly evocative and remind one, amongst other artists, of the work of Pieter Bruegel , Hieronymus Bosch and Francisco Goya.
Dominik Lejman uses painting in a completely different way, combining paintings with art videos. His completely ground-breaking style consists of video screenings, often divided into several layers of images, projected against a dark surface made up of canvases painted in an abstract style or onto the infrastructure surrounding it. The images and the screenings thus intertwine against an optical backdrop.
Kasia Fudakowski , a young artist who already shows much promise, also works with several different types of media. This said, sculpture forms the focus of her work, which involves creating playful objects, sometimes daring in nature, which juxtapose organic sensuality and the wildness of nature, elementary and undefined. In the work which she will present in Brussels, she includes one of her sculptures in a video.
Painter Paweł Książek is interested in very diverse subjects which he tackles only after undertaking in-depth research, thus putting together a body of expressive and complex work. His work makes one think about the kind of art which would be created by an anonymous individual in a state of inebriation or in an altered mental state. The disturbing panel of canvases that the artist is showcasing at Art Brussels shows young people engaged in activities which can promote a sense of ‘spiritual imbalance’ and which frequently involve alcohol and sex.

Overview of the work presented in Brussels by the Żak | Branicka gallery:
The Żak | Branicka gallery will be at stand 3C 08.
Żak | Branickaon the Art Brussels site :


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