‘TV Signal Manipulation Monument’ by Janek Simon

Het Entrepot, Bruges (part of ‘This is not Brugge Centraal’)
29/10/10 - 05/11/10

It was Het Entrepot, a place open to the broadest spectrum of creative talents, that invited Janek Simon to fill one of the ten containers scattered around the city centre in Bruges, containers which were to serve as so many fields of expression for young artists (aged 22 to 35), for the most part from central Europe, who had been invited to work around the theme What is it to be young? (Wat is dat, jong zijn?). Each container housed a unique creative universe. The spectator’s task was to look inside each of the containers, which brought them face to face with a specific performance or visual expression linked to the notion of youth. 
The project featured Balaganiarze, Karel Verhoeven, Leen Hermans, Leen Persoons & Boris Ljugov, Nele Fack, Sandy Claes & Daan Wampers, Tom Poelmans and Yannick Franck and was part of the This is not Brugge Centraalproject.


Whenever Janek Simonis looking for inspiration, he goes hunting around in the field of science and the events of ‘everyday life’. In the same vein, he recently turned his attention to the visual effects that are caused by playing around with a television signal. The space which his work occupied hosted a project which carried on from his work entitled Robotic VJ Mixing channels 1 and 2, an automatic sound mixing projection of the only two television channels that Janek Simon could watch in Poland when he was a child. With TV Signal Manipulation Monument, the artist revisited his previous life as a VJ in the 1990’s, this time to create a machine which used the television channels available in Bruges in an automated way. The Monument is made from electronic equipment which is now completely obsolete.
All in all, Bruges provided the backdrop for Janek Simon both to recycle his past using up-to-date media and commemorate and preserve his youth, the 1990’s and the notion of the image itself. 


Opening times:
Friday 29 October 2010 at 20:00, from Saturday 30 October 2010 until Friday 5 November 2010 at 10:00.


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