Janusz Korczak

International Conference "Le droit de l'enfant au respect"

UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, auditoire Montesquieu 11

In order to mark Janusz Korczak Year, the conference organisers have tried both to explore the vision of the child who is behind the right and the State’s commitment towards respecting the child and his rights.

>>> Full programme HERE (in French)

Three themes shall be examined: the child in his family, the child at school and
the child in care or in prison. They will each form the subject of three reports: two reports on Belgian or comparative law followed by a report from a practitioner or actor in the field who will outline the difficulties that ought to prompt reflection on the part of the jurist.
In particular, the reports will show what international attention, geared towards human rights, is given to national situations. They will also highlight innovative decisions or systems.

Registration, proceedings and costs
You can register by email or fax.  Please transfer the sum of 30€ to the account ‘Coll Droit respect enfant ‘ (IBAN : BE69 0016 8117 3078, BIC : GEBABEBB). The costs include registration, the file of documents and the coffee break.
The proceedings will be published after the conference by Anthémis; you can subscribe to them at the special price of 63€, including postage costs.
For students, registration is free. However, they must still register. The file of documents costs 10€.

The programme has been approved by the O.B.F.G. for 2 items. A request has been submitted to the Institut de formation judiciaire (Institute for Legal Training).

More Information
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